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Pikes Peak Hospice & Palliative Care has served our community since 1980.  While much has changed over that time, one thing hasn't:  Our belief that every patient and family deserves expert care and compassionate personal attention.

Eventually, hospice will touch us all.  More than a third of us will die with the skilled and gentle support of a professional hospice program.  Odds are that if you don't already know someone who has, one day you will.

If that sounds surprising, maybe it's because dying is a subject most of us like to avoid.  But if this is certain to touch someone we love, perhaps we need a deeper understanding of all that hospice can be for us and our loved ones.  And an appreciation for the truly extraordinary touch of Pikes Peak Hospice & Palliative Care.


Important Information-please read

July 2, 2014

To:  Pikes Peak Hospice & Palliative Care Customers

Subject: NOTICE of Survey Scam

Today, we were informed that a Medical Review company is posing as survey takers for our organization.  This survey is not legitimate and not "on behalf of Pikes Peak Hospice."

Please click HERE to read statement from Martha Barton, President and CEO, concerning this Survey Scam.  




Pikes Peak Hospice & Palliative Care’s Notice of Privacy Practice
updated as of June 1, 2013



"You are guides who help others successfully navigate the passages of their own lives."
             --Patient  family member







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