Palliative Pharmacy

Our own pharmacy for personalized pharmacy care and quicker response

Palliative Pharmacy of Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak Hospice & Palliative Care opened Palliative Pharmacy of Pikes Peak in June 2003 to provide specialized pharmaceutical care for our hospice patients. A notable feature of the pharmacy is the fact that we serve only our hospice and palliative care patients, and consequently furnish the highest quality of care.

Besides offering the expected services of a retail pharmacy (identifying drug interactions, answering therapeutic and pharmacology questions, and filling prescriptions), our staff has developed unique dosage formulations to address the care and challenges of hospice patients.

Advantages of dedicated on-site pharmacy

Preparing an IV

Our expert staff provides personalized pharmacy care to address your exact condition. If your needs change quickly, our pharmacists are able to respond quickly. In fact, our staff can develop unique dosage formulas to address specific symptoms. We can even make our own compounded preparations, topicals, IVs, and other medications with strengths customized exactly for your needs. Pharmists use a Tablet Press to make special small tablets that dissolve under the tongue for patients who are unable to swallow. And, medications can be ordered and delivered by Pikes Peak Hospice care teams.

Hospice-related medications are covered as part of patient care at Pikes Peak Hospice.

Our pharmacy has regular office hours during the week and our pharmacists are available 24/7 on call.

Palliative Pharmacy of Pikes Peak pharmacy experts

Our pharmacists have more than 80 years combined experience, including hospital, compounding, and retail pharmacy. And our Certified Pharmacy Technicians have more than 55 years combined experience in hospital and retail pharmacy.

What Our Families Say

Pikes Peak Hospice was so good to my husband and me and our family. They served us with integrity and love and helped us through the most difficult time we ever faced. Thank you all!

Family Satisfaction Survey 11/2014

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