Having Trouble? 

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If you typed in both a first and last name in the search bar, the database will not recognize your request and will return zero results.

Please re-type your search using the last name only.  Then click on the "go" button.

You can type in any number of letters of the last name in the search bar to narrow your search. If you're not sure of the correct spelling, we suggest either typing two or three letters of the last name.  Then click on the "go" button.  

You can also click on any letter in the list at the top of each page and it will pull an alphabetical listing of all last names that begin with that letter.  There may be multiple pages for each letter.  At the bottom right of each page you will find the number of pages, along with a "previous" or "next" button to assist you in completing your search.

Once the search list is displayed, scroll down until you find the name you want.  Click on the name to display boxed content with the name and date the individual was honored at a Pikes Peak Hospice & Palliative Care Tribute Wall Reception.  If a story and/or photograph have been provided, those elements will also display in the box. 

If you continue to have difficulties, please call 719.457.8105.  We're happy to assist you!