Words of appreciation

Thank you for helping us during this very difficult time. . . . Your kindness, compassion and concern for our loved one and our family means a great deal to us.  We appreciate all of the love, support and guidance extended to us during this period of sadness. ~ Patient's family
Please applaud all IPU staff.  Thank you for your professional, graceful, and empathetic way that you treated my sister and our family and thanks for all that you do. ~ Patient's brother

What a caring team!  Not only do you care for the patients, but also for the family.  We were always asked, "Is there anything you need?"  God bless you all. ~ Patient's family

Words cannot express my gratitude to you all for your compassionate care of my mother.  I am forever grateful to you for helping us through the difficult challenge of caring for her during the final days of her life on earth.  From the very first phone call, I knew we were connected to the best possible caregivers as we prepared to let my mother transition through death to life eternal free of her diseased body.  I appreciate every one of you and thank you from the depths of my heart.  May God continue to bless you and those whom you have been called to care. ~ Patient's daughter

We do thank Pikes Peak Hospice for all they did to make mom and dad's end of life journey happy and simple.  We also thank you for the support and open communication about their end of life journey and what those events would be.  It helped us prepare ourselves mentally and somewhat emotionally.  Best to all of you. ~ Patients' son and daughter-in-law

We have worked well with Pikes Peak Hospice over the years and I would like to again say, "Thank You" for the teamwork and support you provide to our residents and staff.  ~ Nurse at a local retirement community

Thank you so very much for all the wonderful care you gave my husband and all the support for our entire family.  You all are truly angels on earth!  Y God bless you all! ~ Patient's wife thank you note

I received the wonderful invite to the event (Tribute Reception) honoring my mom and the others.  I thank you for all that you did for her those many years ago and am glad that my father has continued to support your mission.  Regretfully, I will not be able to attend the program but I wanted to share how much your services meant and that it is a blessing to know that you guys are there to walk beside all of us during our absolute worst.  I cannot imagine what it must take to be able to do that.  May God continue to bless and strengthen all of you as you have done for so many others. ~ Patient's daughter


What Our Families Say

"Everyone I have been in contact with for your organization is a
God-send to me on every level.  Thank you for your dedication to
your job and your concern for each patient."  August 2018

"What a caring team!  Not only do you care for the patients, but also for the family. 
We were always asked, 'Is there anything you need?  god bless you all."  February 2018

"Even though it's a challenge to be without my dad, I have so many happy memories of him,
it helps always.  Thank you for all the many things you did to help my dad in his last days. 
It was so sad to watch him pass, but knowing that he was being care for everyday by
so many others, made all the difference in the world.  You've all made me feel as
though I have support if needed.  Thank you!"  April 2017

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