Words of appreciation

Thank you for all you did for Mom.  Thank you for answering every question, and for all the time you gave us.  We appreciate you very much.  ~ Patient's family

Even though it's a challenge to be without my dad, I have amany happy memories of him, it helps always.  Thank you for all the many things you did to help my dad in his last days.  It was so sad to watch him, pass, but knowing that he was being cared for everyday by so many others, made all the difference in the world.  You've all made me feel as though I have support if needed.  Thank you. ~ Patient's family

I will never be the same.  Thank you Pikes Peak Hospice & Palliative Care for loving my mother and I through this step into a New Life :-) Please applaud:  every doctor, every nurse, every CNA, all admin, all volunteers, cleaning crew, all management, each and all for superb care and consideration.  Mostly the LOVE - heart felt love.  ~ "Share Your Applause" card from family member

We have worked well with Pikes Peak Hospice over the years and I would like to again say, "Thank You" for the teamwork and support you provide to our residents and staff.  ~ Nurse at a local retirement community

Thank you so very much for all the wonderful care you gave my husband and all the support for our entire family.  You all are truly angels on earth!  Y God bless you all! ~ Patient's wife thank you note

Thank you for caring for our son and for helping us to keep him as comfortable as possible.  We truly appreciate all you have done for us. ~ Patient's mother and family

I'd like to thank everyone on the team for all your support these last 3 weeks.  All of you helped me stay strong as I walked beside my mom on her final journey.  ~ Patient's daughter

Thank you so much for your amazing care, compassion, and expertise over the last year and a half!  It was a wonderful source of comfort to know you were caring for Mom and that you were only a phone call away at any moment!  Thank you for the invaluable physical, emotional and spiritual resources you provided!  ~ Patient's family

In the days leading to the admittance of my mother in PPHPC, we had done a considerable amount of research into the various hospice centers in Colorado Springs region.  The morning of November 2nd was when we decided on PPHPC and later that afternoon my mother was admitted.  We concluded on PPHPC for several reasons, but the most compelling reason was the outstanding reputation and recommendations we had received.  When we first arrived on that Sunday afternoon, our family was very nervous and probably didn’t fully comprehend what to expect.  Within hours our family was more educated on the process and immediately began to realize that we made the right decision in choosing PPHPC.  Our reassurance did not stop there, as each and every employee and caregiver was spectacular and made my mother’s last days more comfortable.

To the staff at PPHPC, thank you so much for all that you did for my family!  The special attention you provided to my mother will always be appreciated.  ~ Patient's family

I am writing to thank you for the great kindness and caring you provided to my mother and our family during the last months of her life.  Her short remaining life improved dramatically from the moment your care began. I was always grateful for the conscientious and timely care you bestowed on her and your consistent communication with me.  Because I live in Aurora and travel for a living, it was not possible for me to visit as frequently as I might have liked.  Your intercession and frequent updates allowed me a peace of mind I would not have had otherwise.  There is a special place reserved for people who dedicate their lives to the kinds of kindnesses you provide.  ~ Thank you note from patient's son


What Our Families Say

You all are such important people and help so many families during very hard times. 
We never would have made it without you!
Your care for my dad will never be forgotten.

Patient's daughter

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