Volunteer Services

Volunteer Talking with Smilinlg Patient in Bed

"Is there anything I can do?"

One of the great joys of this work is seeing so many give so much.  Each day our care teams are joined by volunteers who step with grace and compassion into the lives of patients and families in need.  The gift of their time and their touch can make all the difference.  This is a difference you can make, too.

The Gift of Time

There are 600 trained volunteers giving their time to support the patients, care teams, and administration at Pikes Peak Hospice & Palliative Care.  More than half are the friends or family of former patients.  It seems that once you have seen first-hand the work of these volunteers, there is a strong desire to join them.

Words cannot do justice to the difference these volunteers make every single day.  They offer patients the gift of time – a presence in the room, a friend to talk to, a hand to hold.  They provide respite to exhausted family members.  They work behind the scenes to help our office teams with the work that runs our business.

So many volunteer opportunities seem to be more about making the volunteer feel good than about making an actual difference.  Here, the two are inseparable.

How to Volunteer

To learn how you can offer your support to Pikes Peak Hospice patients and their families, contact us or call (719) 633-3400 and ask to speak with Volunteer Services

"I had heard how great hospice was but didn't realize it until my husband was in your care.  The warm caring made it easier for me and my family.  You are all truly angels!"
           -- Patient  family member